Safe Sanctuaries/Gatherings

  As most of you know anyone that works with children and/or vulnerable adults needs to have a background check and safety training. The Rio Texas Conference requires two separate trainings: one is on the Safe Gatherings website: www.Safe; the other training is at  www. or can be taken in person at various locations. You must register for these trainings.  Any that cannot register or take the course online,  please call the church office.  Those of you that have computer access :

  1. Go to and create a log-in. It will ask you for two references and personal information for a background check. There is a fee that will be billed to the church.
  2. Do training on the Safe Gatherings site (about 2 hours) and complete the quiz at the end. (Call the church office if you cannot do this training online, we can make other arrangements.)
  3. Then register at www. for a trusted con Confianza course which consist of three modules. These take about two hours to complete.

  All three steps must be completed. Background check, Safe Gatherings online training, Safe Sanctuaries training. This is for the safety of our children and vulnerable adults and is the NEW Rio Texas Policy that we must comply with to stay in good standing. If you need any help or have any questions, please call the office. Thank you for your time and efforts.  Call the church secretary if you need any assistance, Shannon Rothe, 830.426.2073.